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    Using Browse Inventory


    When to use browse inventory

    • The browse inventory section shows everything being sold in upcoming auctions
    • Search using browse inventory if you want to see an overview of the inventory in one or more auctions

    Search through Current Inventory

    • Go to Current Inventory and scroll down the page to find the browse inventory section
    Search through Current Inventory

    Select a region or auction

    • If you only want to see items being sold in one auction or region, make your choice from the dropdown menu
    Select a region or auction

    Select an industry

    • Our inventory is sorted by industry (e.g. Construction, Transport Trucks)
    • Scroll down the page to find your industry, or click on an industry in the list at the top:
    Select an industry

    Select an equipment category or sub-category

    • Within each industry, equipment is sorted by category (e.g. Excavators)
    • Some equipment types have sub-categories (e.g. under Excavators, you can see Hydraulic Excavator, Mini Excavator etc)
    • You can see the total number of items in each category or sub-category in brackets e.g. Motor Grader (161)
    • Click the category link (e.g. Excavators) to see a list of sub-categories
    • Click the sub-category link (e.g. Hydraulic Excavators) to narrow your search by make or model


    Select an equipment category

    View all items or narrow your search

    • Click "See all results" If you want to see everything in the category you selected
    • If you only want to see results for a specific model or manufacturer, click that link instead e.g. View all ALLIS-CHALMERS results
    View all items or narrow your search

    Review your search results

    • Review the full list of items in your search results or click on an item description for more information
    • You can also modify your search, compare items side-by-side, print your results and much more

    >> Start your equipment search

    Review your search results

    Search auction results

    • Create an account to access 24 months of Ritchie Bros. auction results – free!
    • Go to Auction Results to find items sold in past auctions – with selling prices in your preferred currency
    • Searching for items sold in past auctions in just like searching our current inventory; you can do a quick search, use enhanced search options or browse inventory
    Search auction results