Eliminate Risk and Hassle with PurchaseSafe™

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Benefits of PurchaseSafe™ Secure Transaction Management

Includes escrow services,
taxation, lien search and
payout coordination

Provides complete peace of mind when buying or selling on your own.

Invoicing and sales documentation
provided by Ritchie Bros.

Just like purchasing a machine from Ritchie Bros.

Works perfectly with
PurchaseFlex™ Financing

Buyers get access to great rates, promotional offers and fast funding from Ritchie Bros. Financial Services.

Smooth Private Transactions with PurchaseSafe

Buying or selling equipment privately? Our PurchaseSafe™ Secure Transaction Management service provides both buyers and sellers with peace of mind at every step – no more risks or headaches that often accompany buying or selling on your own.

When you use PurchaseSafe™, Ritchie Bros. handles the invoicing, lien searches, payout coordination, sales documentation, escrow services and taxation. We can even provide PurchaseFlex Financing™ for the buyer.