Never miss a lot - place a PriorityBid before the live auction starts

How PriorityBid works

Bid before the live auction starts

Submit the amount you are willing to bid up to and our system will bid the lowest amount required for you to win up to your top amount. Remember, bids are binding and cannot be retracted. Your bid will be kept secret, and the system will only raise your bid if someone outbids you. In the case of a tie, the first bid placed wins!

Entering bids

Enter the amount you are willing to bid up to in the input box, then confirm your bid. If your bid doesn't meet our bidding increments, the system will round it down to our lowest increment. You can also click on the + and - to adjust your bid to meet our increments.

Bidding increments

Bid amount Increment
0 - 1,499 100
1,500 - 9,999 250
10,000 - 24,999 500
25,000 - 199,999 1,000
200,000 - 399,999 2,500
400,000 - 999,999 5,000
1,000,000+ 10,000



Once you submit your bid, we'll let you know if you're the highest bidder or if you have been outbid. If you are the highest bidder you'll get an email notification anytime somebody outbids you.

Live Sale

PriorityBids will close a few minutes before the auctioneer introduces the lot to the live sale. However, following the auction live is always the best way to make sure you stay the highest bidder.