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Rouse Appraisal Service

20 years of experience

20 years of experience

Unmatched domain expertise as part of Ritchie Bros.

Unmatched domain expertise as part of Ritchie Bros.

Industry-leading data sets and metrics

Industry-leading data sets and metrics

Most accurate appraisals. Most precise data.

Most accurate appraisals. Most precise data.

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Accurate, comprehensive data from Rouse Appraisals.

Rouse Services & Ritchie Bros.

Fleet Value Tracked


in fleet value tracked

Rental Revenue Tracked


in rental revenue tracked

Sales Transaction Data Evaluated


in sales transaction data evaluated annually



Rouse has historically focused on construction. With Ritchie Bros., our industry expertise has expanded to transportation, agriculture, cranes, O & G, and more.


We track more than 70,000 unique makes and models globally, and analyze nearly $19 billion of retail, auction, and trade-in sales of used equipment annually.


Propriety processes. High-accuracy data

Our vast pool of data delivers unmatched accuracy, reliability, and speed of reporting.

  • Management team interviews
  • Asset register standardization
  • Asset register audits for accuracy and completeness
  • Analysis and assessment of depreciation policies and impact on borrowing base metrics
  • Physical inspections and maintenance history reviews
  • Fully-formed liquidation study
  • Evaluation of company-specific disposals in comparison to market benchmarks
  • Relevant, up-to-date Industry commentary

Providing For

Asset-based lenders

  • Orderly Liquidation Value (OLV)
  • Forced Liquidation Value (FLV)
  • Net Orderly Liquidation Value (NOLV)
  • Net Forced Liquidation Value (NFLV)
  • Preliminary OLV and NOLV guidance for early-stage loan structuring
  • Detailed inspections

Through net liquidation studies, we outline the ideal path for asset-based lenders to recover their capital and include expected timelines and execution expenses.


  • Detailed inspections and asset list creation
  • Current auction market values
  • Flexible contract options

Lease finance

  • Residual Value guidance
  • Portfolio review
  • Inspections
  • Remarketing

M&A transactions

  • Appraisals with inspections
  • Fair Value Reporting in support of purchase price allocation accounting pursuant to FASB's rule ASC 805