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Calfrac Well Services Ltd
United States, MD, USA

Wednesday Apr 19, 2023
Starts 12:00 PM ({0} {1} your time zone)
Timed auction starts 12:00 PM Thursday Apr 13, 2023
Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers
United States, MD, United States
Tel. +1(410) 287-4330
Fax. +1(410) 287-4332
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    For more information, please contact:

    Territory Manager:
    Dan Prodor - (T: +1(403) 803-4777)
    Dave Douglas - (T: +1(403) 318-0000)

    Arnegard, ND
    132Q Ave NW
    Arnegard, ND 58835

    Grand Junction, CO
    2996 Teller Court
    Grand Junction, CO 81504

    Beebe, AR
    164 US-64
    Beebe, AR 72012

    Smithfield, PA
    2001 Summit View Drive
    Smithfield, PA 15478

    Williston, ND
    5028 Bennett Industrial Drive
    Williston, ND 58801

    Artesia, NM
    2401 Sivley Avenue
    Artesia, NM 88210

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    Arnegard, ND:
    132Q Ave NW, Arnegard, ND 58835
    Inspection Dates & Times: Contact Richard Radway, to make an appointment to inspect equipment, at +1.701.577.7966 | +1.701.425.7955 | rradway@calfrac.com

    Grand Junction, CO:
    2996 Teller Court, Grand Junction, CO 81504
    Inspection Dates & Times: Contact Levi Bevan, to make an appointment to inspect equipment, at +1.970.243.7415 | +1.970.778.2744 | lbevan@calfrac.com
    Viewing appointment please contact: Dustin Harrison +1(970) 312-4250| dharrison@calfrac.com
    Pickup: Spencer Moon +1(970) 216-4364| smoon@calfrac.com

    Beebe, AR:
    164 US-64, Beebe, AR 72012
    Inspection Dates & Times: Contact Jamie Richards , to make an appointment to inspect equipment, at +1(501) 288-4351 | jrichards@calfrac.com
    Dave Mykyte: +1.501.288.4354 | dmykyte@calfrac.com

    Smithfield, PA:
    2001 Summit View Drive, Smithfield, PA 15478
    Inspection Dates & Times: Contact Marc Geer, to make an appointment to inspect equipment, at +1.724.288.6046 | mgeer@calfrac.com
    Call dispatch +1(724) 564-5359 | sfdispatch@calfrac.com

    Williston, ND:
    5028 Bennett Industrial Drive, Williston, ND 58801
    Inspection Dates & Times: Contact Richard Radway, to make an appointment to inspect equipment, at +1.701.425.7955 | rradway@calfrac.com
    Jay Minnis +1(937) 901-5907
    Brent Mulne +1(701) 953-8109 | bmulner@calfrac.com

    Artesia, NM:
    2401 Sivley Avenue, Artesia, NM 88210
    Inspection Dates & Times: Contact Bill Cochrane, to make an appointment to inspect equipment, at + | + | wcochrane@calfrac.com
    Noel Ruvalcaba: +1.210.268-0810 | nruvalcaba@calfrac.com

    Canadian Sale is on April 18th ,2023.
    US Sale is on April 19th, 2023.
    All equipment is online @: www.Rbauction.com/calfrac-canada

    Viewing by appointment: April 3rd - April 19th
    8 am- 4 pm (Mon-Fri)
    10 am-4 pm (Saturday)
    10 am-3pm (Sunday)

    Removal date: Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023

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