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Online Timed Auction
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Thursday Jul 21, 2022
Starts 8:00 AM ({0} {1} your time zone)
Timed auction starts 9:00 AM Monday Jul 18, 2022
Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers
765 West Rider Street, Perris, CA, USA 92571-3515
Tel. +1(951) 940-9441
Fax. +1(951) 940-9442
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This is an online Timed Auction

Select assets, selling in the Los Angeles auction, are located at the San Diego local yard. See items.

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Want a more complete picture of the condition of an asset you're considering for purchase? Ritchie Bros. Inspection Reports, available for just $300 per item, provide extensive asset condition details, giving you increased confidence prior to bidding.

Our expert inspection team will photograph and inspect key equipment components and conduct functional tests of the equipment, providing you a complete report.

A detailed Ritchie Bros. Inspection report can be purchased directly from the item detail page. Click here to view all items.

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Removal date: Saturday, August 20th, 2022

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