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Ritchie Bros. LogisticsRitchie Bros. Logistics offers an all-inclusive customer service to get assets across borders, continents and oceans, quickly and efficiently. Call +1(855) 331-5736 or learn more about logistics.


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  • On site selling in-transit permits.

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Currency Exhange

  • Ritchie Bros. Financial Services Currency Exchange

    Ritchie Bros. Financial Services Currency Exchange calculates your purchase amount due in your home currency, and lets you lock in that exchange rate. Use that rate when paying via wire transfer at your financial institution of choice.

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Accommodations with shuttle service

To ensure reservations in order to take part in our auction which takes place in Nisku AB please call in advance. Accommodations that have shuttle service to and from auction site: 6:00 am sale day only

Accommodations without shuttle service