Registration and deposits

Registration to bid is free. You may be required to place a refundable bid deposit. Please be aware that you must present photo identification when you register at the auction site (e.g. identity card, passport or driver's license).

Every auction is unreserved

Every item is sold to the highest bidder on auction day, with no minimum bids or reserve prices. Owners are forbidden by contract from bidding on items they are selling. Bids are irrevocable, and all sales are final. If you're the highest bidder when the auctioneer announces that an item has been sold, you're the new owner of that item.

Everything sells "as is, where is"

We recommend that you visit the auction site to inspect any items you'd like to buy before bidding on auction day. You may also send someone to the site to conduct the inspection on your behalf.

Transaction fees for buyers

Successful bidders are required to pay a transaction fee:

  • Each purchased lot will be subject to a transaction fee of: (a) 10% on all lots selling for 10,000 or less, (b) 3.85% on all lots selling for more than 10,000 up to 33,500, with a minimum fee of 1,000 per lot or, (c) 1,290 on all lots selling for over 33,500 (in the currency of the auction). The transaction fee applies to on-site, online and proxy purchases and will be waived for purchases made in person at on-the-farm auctions.
  • The following exceptions will apply to the foregoing. Each purchased lot will be subject to a transaction fee of:
    • Japan – (a) 10% on all Lots selling for JPY 1,000,000 or less, or (b) 3.85% on all Lots selling for over JPY 1,000,000 up to JPY 3,400,000, with a minimum fee of JPY 100,000 per lot, or (c) JPY 130,000 on all Lots selling for over JPY 3,400,000;
    • United Kingdom - (a) 10% on all Lots selling for GBP 5,000 or less or (b) 3.85% on all Lots selling for over GBP 5,000, with a minimum fee of GBP 500 per Lot

A document administration fee will apply to all titled lots in the U.S. and Canada.

Payment and removal

Purchases must be paid in full within seven (7) days of the end of the auction.
Buyers cannot remove their purchases from the auction site until their invoice is paid in full.
If Ritchie Bros. can't deliver clear title on a purchase, the buyer is entitled to a full refund of the purchase price.
If Ritchie Bros. does not receive full payment within seven (7) days of the end of the auction, interest on overdue amounts will be paid by Purchaser at a rate of 18% per annum or at such other maximum rate as allowed by law, together with any legal or collection costs incurred by Auctioneers.

Read the terms and conditions of bidding

This information is provided as a summary only. When you participate in an auction, you must review and agree to the full terms and conditions before you bid (included in your listing catalog and when you enter the auction online). Please review the full terms and conditions carefully.

In addition to the full terms and conditions also the ‘Site Specific Terms' apply, those can be found below.

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Additional Notes

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Notices to Foreign Buyers

Purchases in the United States are payable in U.S. funds. Some equipment may require modifications to meet import and safety regulations. To avoid potential problems, please contact your customs broker for more information prior to bidding.

Motor Vehicle/Title Requirements

Non Dealer titles will be sent via registered US mail 10 (ten) banking days after receipt of payment, unless payment is made by cash or certified funds. Please check your invoice name for accuracy. The name shown on your invoice is the name that will appear on the titles to units you have purchased. Names on invoices cannot be changed after auction day.

Special Notes Regarding Titled Items

Notice to Buyers Purchasing Titled Items

There are certain titled items that are being sold by a Motor Vehicle dealer, including Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers. These items are indicated with a note in the catalog and online. Residents of Ohio, Arizona, California, Florida, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan and South Carolina will pay applicable sales tax on these items. Buyers who will export will also be required to sign and have documentation notarized. All buyers purchasing titled items are asked to see a RBA representative in the office to complete all government required paper work prior to leaving the auction site. Titles for items that are sold by a Motor Vehicle dealer will be processed and sent completed to the buyers within 14 business days after receipt of payment AND original signed documentation. The title will not be available on the day of the auction.