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New and used Dump Trucks for sale

Ritchie Bros. is the best source for used dump trucks for sale. More dump trucks added daily, including single axle, tandem axle, tri axle, articulated and tipper dump trucks. We also have a good selection of dump trucks with booms or cranes.


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1985 INTERNATIONAL S1900 Dump Truck (S/A)International 6 cyl, 6 spd manual, dbl frame, spring susp, 9000 lb frt, 19000 lb rears, PTO, 10 ft box, tailgate more
1993 FORD F700 Dump Truck (S/A)6 cyl, 6 spd manual, dbl frame, spring susp, 9000 lb frt, 19000 lb rears, PTO, Knapheide 16 ft box, tailgate more
1995 INTERNATIONAL 9200 T/A T/A Dump Truck (T/A)Caterpillar 6 cyl, eng brake, Eaton Fuller 8LL, Hendrickson spring over beam susp, 36000 lb frt, 46000 lb rears, 250 in. WB, 20 ft heated box more
2000 FORD F650 XL Dump Truck (S/A)Caterpillar 6 cyl, 6 spd, spring susp, 8500 lb frt, 17500 lb rears, 158 in. WB, Henderson 10 ft box, tailgate more
2005 FORD F650 XL Dump Truck (S/A)Caterpillar C7 ACERT, 190 hp, 6 spd, spring susp, 8500 lb frt, 17500 lb rears, 158 in. WB, 10 ft box, tailgate more
2005 INTERNATIONAL 7600 Dump Truck (Tri/A)Cummins ISM, eng brake, Allison A/T, A/R cab, air lift 3rd axle, 1 self-steering, Haulmaax susp, 20000 lb frt, 46000 lb rears, 200 in. WB, PTO, alum frt, 16 ft box, tailgate more

About Ritchie Bros.

What are dump trucks?

Probably one of the most common trucks seen around almost every construction project, the dump truck is truly the workhorse of the construction industry, carrying loads of sand, gravel, aggregate, asphalt, demolition material – you name it – in and out of work sites. Depending on the region or part of the world you're in, these trucks are also known as gravel trucks, tipper lorry or truck, tip-truck, and tip-trailer to name just a few.

The dump truck is essentially a semi-truck with an attached dump trailer, which is powered by hydraulic pistons to lift or tilt the trailer, angling it in most cases towards the rear of the truck in order to dump its contents, and also allowing the truck to drive forward as it unloads. The dump truck's internal engine powers the both truck itself and the hydraulic piston mechanism.

Types of dump trucks

The most commonly used dump trucks are designed and built to tackle the rough terrain of a construction site, but are also legal to drive on public roads and highways. There are also articulated and off-road dump trucks which are designed for more challenging terrain and stay for the most part on a project site and are not intended or allowed as over-the-road vehicles.

The most common dump trucks used in the aggregate and construction industries vary in axle configuration. One of the most basic decisions when looking to purchase a used dump truck for sale is determining what axle configurations you need as this will determine the payload capacity.

Single axle dump trucks

  • Single axle in the rear and typically can carry up to 6–7.5 tons
  • Single axle dump trucks are typically pickup truck cabs chassis with modified trailer in the rear

Tandem axle dump trucks

  • Semi truck cabs/engines and have two (tandem axles) in the rear
  • Tandem axle dump trucks are commonly used for larger aggregate/construction projects along with tri-axle dump trucks
  • Offer larger payload capacity of up to 15–16 ton payload

Tri-axle & quad axle dump trucks

  • Tri-axle dump trucks are typically a tandem axle dump truck with a lift axle (which is the third axle)
  • Offer payload capacities varying from 15–20 tons
  • Like the tri-axle, quad axle dump trucks have a fourth axle that can be a drop down, or a tandem axle truck with 2 drop down which allows for heavier payloads
  • Some downsides of a quad axle truck is their size, being larger might make it harder to maneuver, as well as its off road capabilities
  • Depending on your intended location of operation, laws might differ between state & provinces regarding weight restrictions for bridges & hauling

Buying a used dump truck? Read our Inspection tips: 5 things to look for when buying a used dump truck

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