Protect yourself with a powertrain warranty

Enjoy peace of mind after the auction: purchase an optional powertrain warranty, now available on select equipment sold at our auctions (U.S., Canada and Australia). For added resale value, options for transferable and non-transferable warranties exist.

Enjoy hassle-free claims and 12 months of protection against costly repairs due to sudden mechanical breakdown or failure during normal use.

Learn more about powertrain warranties available in U.S., Canada and Australia.

Low rates and hassle-free claims

Powertrain warranties are affordable and are a small fraction of the cost of repairing your valuable equipment.

To make a claim, simply call the toll free number on your certificate and deal directly with the warranty administrator. Coverage starts within 24 hours of purchase.

Purchase before your equipment leaves the auction site

Powertrain warranties can only be purchased before the equipment is removed from the auction site.

If you bid in person, pay for your warranty at the registration counter on-site. If you bid online, phone the auction site for more information.

Find equipment with a service warranty

In the U.S. and Canada: look for ‘Powertrain Service Warranty Available' on equipment in upcoming auctions.

In Australia: look for ‘Powertrain Warranty Available' on equipment in upcoming auctions.

Purchase a powertrain service warranty

Contact the auction site to purchase a powertrain service warranty, in person or by phone.

Learn More

View warranty information for:

Make a claim

Contact your warranty administrator.

Canada & U.S.: 1.855.594.2079
(9:00 am EST – 5:00 pm PST)

Australia: 1.800.111.330