Find information about delivering or collecting equipment from this auction site. If you have purchased an item(s) that will require loader assistance and have received your invoice back with a zero balance please book your pickup time using the following link.

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Customer Safety Requirement
Fall protection required when loading or unloading aerial equipment

Attention Customers Previewing Aerial Equipment
Customers previewing aerial equipment shall operate from the ground (if applicable). If operation takes place in the basket you must wear a harness. There is no height restriction.

Find information about delivering or collecting equipment from this auction site, including:

Loading Area Information

Loading ramp height: 43" and 54"

Entrance Entrance
Truck Entrance Truck Entrance
Check In Building Check In Building
Main Building Main Building
Loading Ramps Loading Ramps

Loading / Unloading Policies

  1. Safety vests and proper footwear must be worn at all times.
  2. Know how to operate the equipment you are loading or unloading.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings.
  4. Apply brakes and use a spotter.
  5. Wheel chocks are mandatory while using the loading dock.
  6. Safety harness is mandatory for loading or unloading lift equipment.
  7. Ritchie Bros. is not responsible for loading or unloading equipment or the securing of any loads.
  8. Ritchie Bros. is not responsible for verifying that equipment being transported to/from the auction yard is properly secured or being carried in compliance with applicable transportation laws and regulations.
  9. Under no circumstances will Ritchie Bros. load and/or unload self-propelled (mobile) equipment that Ritchie Bros. determines can be reasonably driven across the yard.
  10. When a loader or forklift is required to assist in loading, Ritchie Bros. may, at its own discretion and under the direction of the driver, help load and/or unload stationary equipment from a truck, trailer or container. Stationary, in this instance, will mean equipment that, while possibly mobile, cannot be reasonably driven across the yard or driven onto a trailer for transportation.
  11. Buyers and sellers are responsible for arranging the unloading and loading items which exceed the capacity or safe-lifting ability of Ritchie Bros' forklifts and loaders, operating as a single machine.
  12. Loading and unloading of equipment is only permitted during daylight hours.
  13. Access to and from the auction yard is only permitted through the truck entrance.

General Auction Site Policies

  1. Every person enters Ritchie Bros.' auction sites at their own risk. Ritchie Bros. is not responsible for any injuries or damage to property that occurs at our auction sites.
  2. All transportation companies entering our auction sites are expected to maintain the following insurance coverages: General Liability, Workers' Compensation and Cargo.
  3. Entrance to the auction site, use of the loading dock(s) and assistance from Ritchie Bros. personnel will occur on a first come / first served basis.
  4. If items will be delivered in a shipping container, please call the auction site in advance to make appropriate arrangements.

Delivery Procedures

  1. Before entering the auction yard, every person must stop at the Yard Office and sign the Sign-In and Release Form.
  2. Ritchie Bros. will not provide delivery receipts; however, if confirmation of delivery is required, Ritchie Bros. can sign a bill of lading to confirm receipt only.
  3. The owner's contact information must be provided with equipment being delivered.
  4. Equipment keys must remain in the unit being delivered.

Removal Procedures

  1. Equipment cannot be removed from the auction site until it is paid for in full. A release ticket will be provided at the office when payment is received.
  2. A release ticket must be presented before loading and/or removal of any equipment.
  3. A bill of lading must be completed for any equipment being transported to a foreign country.
  4. Equipment must be removed from the auction site through the truck gate.

Truro, NS Auction Site

  • Sale Site Location

    63 Lysander Avenue
    Debert, NS B0M 1G0


  • Mailing Address

    PO Box 308
    Debert, NS B0M 1G0

  • Open hours

    Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm
    Sat following a Friday auction only, 8am - 4pm
    Please note: We are closed Saturday, Dec 17, 2022.

  • Department of Motor Vehicles


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