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Ritchie Bros. is the world's largest auctioneer of equipment and trucks, including trailers. Search our current inventory for step deck trailers from all the major manufacturers -  Manac, Transcraft, Lode King, Great Dane, Wilson and more.

Check our inventory often. More trailers are added daily. Or better yet, create an account, save your search and set up email notifications to know when more trucks are added. View trailer photos online, and then inspect the step deck trailers that interest you on-site. Each trailer will be sold on auction day, with no minimum bids or reserve prices. Bid with confidence knowing bidders set the prices, not sellers.

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AZTEC View all AZTEC results (1)

BARKER View all BARKER results (1)

BEHNKE View all BEHNKE results (1)

BWS View all BWS results (2)


DE ANGELIS View all DE ANGELIS results (1)

DELOUPE View all DELOUPE results (1)

DOONAN View all DOONAN results (2)

DORSEY View all DORSEY results (2)

DYNAW View all DYNAW results (1)

EASY RIDE View all EASY RIDE results (1)

EIDAL View all EIDAL results (1)

FONTAINE View all FONTAINE results (11)

FREIGHTER View all FREIGHTER results (1)

FRUEHAUF View all FRUEHAUF results (6)

GERRYS View all GERRYS results (1)

GOLDHOFER View all GOLDHOFER results (1)

GREAT DANE View all GREAT DANE results (4)

HALL View all HALL results (1)

HAULMARK View all HAULMARK results (1)

HOLDEN View all HOLDEN results (1)

HOYNOR View all HOYNOR results (1)

JET COMPANY View all JET COMPANY results (2)

JOST View all JOST results (1)

KAUFMAN View all KAUFMAN results (1)

KRUEGER View all KRUEGER results (1)

LANGFAB View all LANGFAB results (1)


LOADCRAFT View all LOADCRAFT results (1)

LODE KING View all LODE KING results (7)

LUFKIN View all LUFKIN results (1)

MAF View all MAF results (3)

MANAC View all MANAC results (6)

MAXITRANS View all MAXITRANS results (1)

MONTENEGRO View all MONTENEGRO results (1)

MUV-ALL View all MUV-ALL results (1)

MY View all MY results (1)

NEVILLE View all NEVILLE results (1)


PITTS View all PITTS results (1)

REINKE View all REINKE results (1)

ROJO View all ROJO results (2)

ROTEC View all ROTEC results (1)

STREAMLINE View all STREAMLINE results (1)

THERMO View all THERMO results (1)

TOPSTART View all TOPSTART results (1)

TRAIL KING View all TRAIL KING results (4)

TRANSCRAFT View all TRANSCRAFT results (13)

TRAY-LONA View all TRAY-LONA results (1)

TSI View all TSI results (1)

UTILITY View all UTILITY results (3)

VULCAN View all VULCAN results (1)

WABASH View all WABASH results (5)

WADE View all WADE results (1)

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