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As the world's largest auctioneer of equipment and trucks, Ritchie Bros. is your best source for unused and used dump trailers, including end dump trailers. Search our current inventory for a large selection of trailers from popular manufacturers - Lecitrailer, Freuhauf, Lecinena, Midland, East, Load Line, Sturdyweld, R Way, De Lucio and more.

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Our inventory is always changing. Check back often to find the dump trailer you need. Or better yet, create an account and save your search to receive email notifications when similar items are added. View detailed information and photos online and inspect the trailers that interest you on site. Then register and bid in person or online. 

Our auctions are open to the public, so everyone is welcome to come out and bid on used dump trailers for sale. Each trailer will be sold on auction day to the highest bidder. Bidders set the prices, not the sellers, so you can be confident that you're paying fair market value.

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