Accurate Paid Appraisals

If you need to know the value and condition of your equipment fleet, contact the Ritchie Bros. paid appraisal division for a fast, accurate assessment.

As the world's largest industrial auctioneer, we sell more used equipment than anyone else in the world and maintain the world's most comprehensive database of equipment specifications. We also attract international bidding audiences to our auctions – and that makes Ritchie Bros. auctions one of the best indicators of global equipment values. That's why hundreds of companies and financial institutions rely on Ritchie Bros. to get an accurate appraisal of their equipment every year.

If you need to know what your equipment is worth, contact our paid appraisal division. Our experienced professionals will conduct a thorough assessment to satisfy your insurance, legal, refinancing, estate planning or other needs. With an accurate appraisal from Ritchie Bros., you can make sound, informed business decisions. And if you decide to sell, we can help with that too.

The Appraisal Process

  1. Field inspection

    One of our trained and experienced appraisal inspectors will visit your site to conduct a thorough physical inspection of your equipment. We will take photographs and also record and verify:

    • An exact description of each item, including year, make and model
    • The serial number or vehicle identification number
    • The hour meter or odometer reading
    • Additional features, attachments and upgrades that enhance the value of the unit
    • The condition of each unit
    • The undercarriage or tire condition
    • Any owner's identification number
  2. Analysis and assessment

    Information that is collected during the physical inspection is input directly into our proprietary field asset management system. This information can then be compared to global auction results and other market data. Working independently, several regional field representatives and senior valuation analysts each assign a current global market value to every item.

  3. Appraisal

    We don't give you one person's opinion: we incorporate the valuations prepared by your team of qualified valuation analysts and regional representatives. Many of our field staff have specialized knowledge about particular markets or industries; if the appraisal includes specialized equipment, we will also have one of these people evaluate the assets. This method ensures that the final value reflects the true global market value of the equipment.

  4. Inspection report

    Following the completion of the appraisal, you will receive a detailed, coil-bound inspection report: yours to keep. You'll not only know exactly what you own – you'll know what it's worth in the global market. Contact our paid appraisal division for rates and an accurate appraisal today.

    And if you decide to sell, we can put you in touch with your local Ritchie Bros. representative for a confidential, no obligation discussion of your selling options and the range of flexible contract options we offer.