Ensenada, MEX

For immediate sale

Through a private negotiation procedure, Ritchie Bros. is selling a Poseidon barge located in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.

The Poseidon barge was built in 2014 for Shell to use in an Arctic gas/oil exploration program.  Ultimately, the program was canceled before any systems were used and the barge was sold to the current owner in new condition.

Two possible uses for the Poseidon:

Arctic Containment System (ACA):
The barge may act as a first responder in the event of an offshore well blowout.  APCO1/ APCO2 processing units are designed to collect mix given off by a well and process it.  This process separates the water and scrubs it before placing it back in the ocean.  The oil and gas that are drawn out of the mixture can either be incinerated immediately or stored for future use.

Floating Production and Offloading System:
The Poseidon may operate as a primary processing unit for one well in deep waters (> 1,000 ft.) or for several oil platforms in shallow waters.  The processing capacity of the barge is 30,000 barrels per day.

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Major features

Living quarters for 72 people
Power plant with 4,395 kW capacity
Diesel storage
Processing units APCO1 and APCO2 to process oil/gas/seawater mix flowing from inland wells
Mooring capacity of 8 anchors designed to keep barge in position for offshore docking

Generalized Inventory List

Barge hull / dry dock
Mooring winches (each with 1200 feet capacity)
  • One (1) electric 100-ton double drum mooring/emergency storm anchor with auto spooling
  • Three (3) electric 100-ton double drum mooring winches with auto spooling
  • Four (4) deck mounted local control stands with tarpaulins
  • One (1) central control panel and display
  • Four (4) variable frequency drive cabinets with resister banks
  • One (1) PLC cabinet with transport top frame and rigging
  • Eight (8) fixed upper turn down sheaves with gypsy wheel chain winch
  • Eight (8) sliding swivel fairleads with mechanical locking
  • Four (4) winch integrated double electro hydraulic power units
  • Eight (8) chafe chains
Accommodations & services
  • Modules to serve as live/work quarters for 72 people
  • Twenty one (21) modules measuring 10'x40'x8'
    • Eight (8) sleepers to accommodate 8 people each
    • Two (2) sleepers to accommodate 4 people each
    • Two (2) office/conference rooms
    • Two (2) office/control rooms
    • Galley
    • Diner
    • Cold Food Storage
    • Laundry
    • Repair shop
    • Service module
    • Emergency generator
Diesel Generators
  • Two (2) ABS-certified Caterpillar C32 diesel engine driven generators rated at 940 KW each
  • Three (3) Caterpillar C27 diesel engine driven generators rated at 725 KW each
  • Diesel fuel day tank
  • 480 VAC Switchgear
  • Transformers
  • 480 VAC MCC 100
  • 480 VAC MCC 200
  • 480 VAC power distribution panel


Sparrows Cranes
  • EC1000 with CAT C15 engine, 403 KW @ 2,100 rpm – 160,600 lbs. capacity
  • EC65 with CAT C6.6 engine, 168 KW @ 2,100 rpm – 6,350 lbs. capacity
ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle)
  • Manufacturer: SMD Hydrovision Limited
  • YOM: 2011
  • Certified for operating temp of -10*C – 45*C
  • Depth rating: 3000m
  • 200 HP, 250kg payload
  • Four (4) Curvetech HTE 380BA-45 Horizontal thrusters
  • Four (4) Curvetech HTE 380BA-32 Vertical thrusters
  • Onboard imaging equipment:
    • One (1) Schilling Titan 4 7F Manipulator
    • One (1) Schilling Ringmaster 5F Manipulator
    • Two (2)  Subatlantic pan and tilts
    • One (1) Bowtech Surveyor Color Zoom
    • One (1) Bowtech Explorer Extreme
    • One (1) Bowtech LLC 600 Mini Mono
    • One (1) Bowtech L3C Mini Color
  • Sensors
    • One (1) Tritech Seaking Sonar
    • One (1) Tritech PA500 Altimeter and Digiquartz bathy
    • One (1) CDL TOGS NAV Gyro, DVL INS
Containment Dome & Intervention System
  • Six (6) Timberland reels with hoses: one (1) dome umbilical / five (5) dome hoses
  • Mezzanine located hydraulic power units for dome and reels operation
  • Chemical injection tanks and pumps
  • Mezzanine located high pressure choke manifold – to receive mix directly from well, reduce pressure and send to process module
Process Heater & Process (including flare boom)
  • Vessels are typical 2 or 3-phase horizontal separators with appropriate internal baffles
  • Light crude oil case
  • Maximum oil rate: 25,000 BDP
  • Maximum produced water rate: 5,000 BDP
  • Gas rate: 15 MMSCFD
Air Compressors
  • Seven (7) rotary screw air compressors G 132-100 WP
  • One (1) rotary screw air compressor GA 22
Modules Fabrication, Assembly, & Installation