Q3 2020 UPDATE

Serving a World of Sellers

Using robust data and innovative marketing tactics, we find the most motivated buyers from around the planet and deliver world-class representation of your assets online and onsite to those buyers.

Let It Load, Let It Load, Let It Load

We sold 4,700 loaders, enough loaders to move 10,000 tons of snow, more than the entire amount of snow trucked in for the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver.

On the Right Foot

We sold enough van & reefer trucks – 8,200 to be exact – to deliver more than 24,000,000 boxes of shoes.

Bottoms Up

We sold 3,000 tanker trailers, enough to transport double the 7 million liters of beer consumed at 2019’s Munich Oktoberfest. Burp!

Thar She Blows!

3,600 telescopic forklifts sold, enough lifting capacity to lift more than 50 adult Antarctic blue whales – the largest mammal on earth!

Our buyer demand efforts all come down to one thing – getting the best results for our customers