General Topics

What is Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers?

Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers is a live unreserved auction platform with online bidding. Established in 1958, Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers conducts auctions at physical sites around the world, providing asset storage, onsite equipment inspection and refurb, and certainty of sale—with every item selling to the highest bidder, regardless of price. Other Ritchie Bros. solutions include weekly featured auctions at IronPlanet, a 24/7 online Marketplace-E solution with Make Offer and Buy Now options, as well as a listing service at Ritchie List.

What kind of things can I do on your website?

On you can search, bid, and buy equipment and trucks; research historical equipment prices; and so much more.

How do I access all the features, auctions etc?

To take advantage of all the features offers, including bidding and buying privileges, online auction registration, access to equipment price results and more, set up your free account today.

How do I create a free account on your website?

To create an account, go to my account on, complete the form and activate your account. The process takes a few minutes.

You can create multiple bidding profiles under one account – for example, if you buy equipment for your company and/or for personal use. Be sure to set up your account with the personal name or business name that should appear on your invoice(s)

After creating your account, an email will be sent to the email address you registered – you must click the link in the email to activate your account. Once your account is active, you can register and bid online.

What can I do with the account?

With your free account on you can:

  • Check auction results to see recent selling prices
  • Add items you're interested in to a watchlist
  • Save searches and get alerts when new items arrive in inventory
  • Register to bid online
  • View and make changes to your bidding limit
  • Bid on items
  • View purchases
  • View your local Ritchie Bros. representative

Can I access the rest of Ritchie Bros.' marketplaces with my account?

At this time, an account on only accesses the tools and services available through Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers. To access services on our other marketplaces such as IronPlanet, a separate account must be created. Create an account on

What if I buy via one of Ritchie Bros.' other websites?

Currently, accounts on and our other marketplaces, such as, are not linked; they are separate accounts.

Before You Bid & Buy

How do I bid & buy?

Everything sold at Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers is sold via unreserved public auction - i.e. there are no minimum bids or reserve prices, and our auctions are open to anyone. Buyers place bids on items, and every item is sold to the highest bidder, regardless of the final price.

When you're ready to bid and buy, you can register and bid in person at select live auctions, bid online in any live auction, or bid via a variety of other convenient online options. You can learn more about the bidding and buying process here.

How do I look for equipment?

You can search our website using keywords, equipment types, makes, models and other criteria. You can also browse by industry (for ex. Construction, agriculture, transport trucks etc.), then drill down to specific types, makes and models. You can also filter by location, make, model, year and other criteria. Start browsing & searching inventory here.

How do your auctions work?

We conduct live auctions at physical auction sites, with real time bidding onsite and online. We also sell via our online Timed Auctions – an automated system with no auctioneer. You can bid in person, online, via our mobile app or via PriorityBid.

The auctioneer (or Timed Auction system) will introduce each lot and ask for bids. If no one places a bid, the ask price is lowered. When a bid is placed, the auctioneer raises the ask price. Bidding continues until no more bids are placed, and the item is sold to the highest bidder. Learn more about how our auctions work.

Do you have different types of auctions?

Our primary auction type is heavy equipment and truck auctions, and we also conduct on-the-farm auctions where we sell from the consignor's farm or property selling agricultural equipment and farmland, as well as conducting real estate auctions.

Can I go see the equipment?

Yes, equipment is available for in-person inspections at our permanent auction sites and local storage yards. Viewing is available two weeks prior to the start of each auction. Please contact the site to make arrangements outside of this time and to confirm hours of operation. Viewing is only available on equipment that has been delivered to the site (check each individual item's listing on our website, and under the "Detailed equipment information" tab, look for "In Yard – Yes/No".

Equipment sold from a consignor's property can also be viewed in person by arranging a time and date with the seller.

Where are your auctions?

Our heavy equipment auctions are conducted at 40+ permanent facilities around the globe, with in-person and online bidding. We also conduct auctions at temporary locations, as well as online-only auctions with equipment in multiple locations.

Are your auctions open to the public?

Yes, all our auctions are open to the public. Anyone can register and bid – from private individuals to small and large businesses.

How do I register to bid in an auction?

  • To bid in-person, onsite

    You can register at the auction site up to a few days before the auction begins. You will need to present photo ID (e.g. identity card, passport or driver's license); you may need to place a refundable bid deposit equivalent to 25% of the amount you want to spend or your maximum bidding limit.

    *Please note: Onsite bidding is available at select auction locations. For details check the individual auction details page on our website.

  • To bid online

    Create a free account on our website, then register for the auction you want to bid in via the Auction Calendar page or via the link on the specific auction details web page. Then follow the steps to register. Learn more about how to bid online here.

    Select which bidding profile you are using (e.g. your personal account), select the auction location you want to register for and confirm your registration.

Where is my online Timed Auction pin?

If you registered to bid online, you do not need a PIN to access the Timed Auction.

To access the Timed Auction, sign into your online account with your email and password. Then do the following:

  • Click "Enter Timed Auction" on the home page under the auction you have registered for
  • On the next page, click "Enter Timed Auction"
  • Agree to the terms, and click "Agree- Join Auction"

This will take you into the Timed Auction as an online bidder without having to use a PIN.

How do I register for multiple auctions?

You need to individually register to bid for each auction you wish to bid in.

How do I set up bidding/purchase limit?

You can get your bidding limit – the maximum amount you are able to spend – by either verifying your account, placing a refundable deposit or applying for financing. If you pass verification, you will receive a $75,000 bidding limit (Australia $250,000) with no deposit required (this is not a credit check from your bank). If the verification is not successful, you have the option to place a refundable deposit or apply for financing. Learn more here.

How do I know when my item is selling?

Once you know the lot number of the equipment you want to purchase, follow the steps to view the schedule.

  • On our website navigate to the site auction page and click on schedule of lots for sale.
  • On the Mobile App for Android navigate to the site auction page and click on Auction Schedule.
  • On Mobile App for IOS navigate to the site auction page and click on information

LIVE Auction information will display the auction schedule with a list of lot ranges and equipment selling in order. This allows you to know which ring your lot is selling in, and if there are multiple days, each day will be listed with a specific lot range.

Timed Auction information will display the date that bidding opens. The lot range is listed so you know where your equipment is selling, the closing time is when the lots start closing until every lot is sold.

I am having connections issues bidding in the live auction – what do I do?

  • I can't bid

    Call our Customer Care at 1.800.211.3983.

  • I don't hear sound

    Click on the speaker symbol (with the auctioneer's name) in the top right corner of the live bidding interface to unmute the sound.

  • My bid was not accepted

    There can be a few reasons a bid is no accepted:

    • Bids can be rejected if they come in late during live bidding
    • When the auctioneer says 'SOLD' before the bid was able to be accepted
    • If two people place equal bids, the bid that was placed first is accepted as the highest bid.
    • When another online bidder clicked first, or an onsite bid was accepted.

In addition, PriorityBids and proxy bids could have been placed first, giving precedence over live bids being placed.

It is at the Auctioneer's discretion to open a round of bidding back up.

After You Win (Buy) An Item

What do I need to do after I win an item?

After the auction you will receive an invoice by email. You will also have to pay a buyer transaction fee (included on your invoice).

Payment needs to be made within 7 days, and when your invoice is paid in full, you can collect your purchase(s). Learn more about purchase payment here.

Can I cancel my purchase?

No, all bids are irrevocable, and all sales are final. If you're the highest bidder when the auctioneer announces that an item has been sold, you're the new owner of that item.

How do I check out an item?

You will receive an invoice by email at the end of the auction. Once payment is made in full (must be paid within 7 days) and you have received a paid invoice, you can schedule your pick up by following the instructions on the invoice or under Equipment Delivery and Pick Up located on the auction site page.

What if I buy multiple items?

If you buy multiple lots at one auction, at the end of the auction or on the last day of the auction you will be sent an invoice with all the lots purchased.

If you bought multiple lots at different auctions, you will receive an invoice from each auction you purchased from. All lots from that auction will need to be paid in full prior to picking up your items.

How do I pay for an item?

We offer you multiple ways to pay for your purchases: by wire transfer, credit card, certified/ cashier's/bank check, or via financing through Ritchie Bros. Financial Services. Learn more about purchase payment here.

How long do I have to make a payment?

Ritchie Bros. must receive full payment within seven (7) days of the end of the auction, or your credit card may be charged automatically and a 2.95% iClosing Convenience Fee will be applied to the transaction. Learn more about purchase payment here.

How would I know when you receive the payment?

Once payment is received, a paid invoice will be emailed to you via the email you used to register for the auction. The online account will not display an updated copy of the paid invoice.

When can I pick up my item?

Equipment can be removed from the auction site once it is paid for in full. A release ticket will be provided to you when payment is received (please note that not all auction sites send release tickets, so please keep a copy of your paid invoice). A release ticket must be presented before loading and/or removal of any equipment.

How & where do I pick up my item?

You can pick up your item(s) from the auction site where the auction was conducted, from one of our local storage yards, or from the seller if it was sold from their property. Regardless, you will need to schedule a pickup appointment with the site or seller, have proof of payment and a release ticket.

If I can't pick up, can I send somebody else?

If your item is located at a Ritchie Bros. auction site you will need your buyer number & lot #'s. If you are arranging a 3rd party to collect your purchases, please provide them with this information and have them schedule the pick up appointment at their convenience.

Do you charge taxes on my auction purchases?

Yes, applicable sales taxes are added to your purchase price and invoice.

Am I able to export my item(s), and what documentation do you provide?

Most equipment can be exported, but is subject to import regulations of the destination country. We recommend you contact Ritchie Bros. Logistics, offering service to get assets across borders, continents and oceans, quickly and efficiently. Call +1.855.331.5736 or learn more about logistics. We also feature local customs brokers on each auction details webpage.

Ritchie Bros. will provide the Paid in Full invoice to facilitate shipping (in the US we can also provide a letter to US Customs stating the item is free & clear, and not stolen). If you are seeking a tax exemption for export, you will need to ensure you hire a 3rd party licensed common carrier who can provide a valid Bill of Lading.

Can I see what items sold for previously in your auctions?

Yes. You can sign up for our free Ritchie Bros. Price Results tool and access the past two years of price results from Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers as well as our other selling channels

Services For Buying

What other services do you offer?

  • Refurbishing

    At various Ritchie Bros. auction sites, we offer professional refurbishment services such as cleaning, painting, repairs, and more. Learn more about refurbishing. Contact the site nearest you about the services provided.

  • Inspection

    We offer thorough, accurate equipment condition inspections and comprehensive reports using our experienced and highly trained team at Ritchie Bros. Inspection Services. Learn more about inspection.

  • Financing

    Financing & leasing options are available from Ritchie Bros. Financial Services, where you get the freedom and flexibility to source your trucks and equipment anywhere – from Ritchie Bros., dealers or private sellers. Learn more about financing.

  • Warranty

    We partner with the best warranty providers in the business to offer our buyers the best coverage possible on eligible lots purchased at the auction. Learn more about warranties.

  • Insurance

    Insurance is available to protect against the financial impact of equipment damage or loss while your assets are in transit or stored at the auction site. Learn more about insurance.

  • Transportation

    We partner with uShip and VeriTread to make it easy by providing a convenient online shipping service to get shipping estimates or arrange for equipment transport. Learn more about shipping.

  • Currency Exchange

    Ritchie Bros. Financial Services Currency Exchange calculates your purchase amount due in your home currency, and lets you lock in that exchange rate. Use that rate when paying via wire transfer at your financial institution of choice. Learn more about currency exchange.

Before You Sell

What do I need to get started?

Selling with Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers is one phone call away. Contact your local Ritchie Bros. representative to get started or provide your contact details for someone to connect with you. Your representative can quickly tailor a proposal based on your needs, timeline and goals.

How much does it cost to sell?

Depending on your needs, timing and goals, Ritchie Bros. has a variety of options to help you sell. Your Ritchie Bros. representative can work with you to provide the best solutions to fit your specific situation.

How do I sell in an upcoming auction?

Your Ritchie Bros. representative is available to walk you through how to sell. To speed up the process here are some things to have ready:

  • Year, make and model of what you want to sell. Having specifics, including the serial number or VIN, usage and titles will expedite the process even further
  • Information on any liens (if applicable)
  • Invoices for any work done on the items

Do I need to deliver my item to an auction site?

In most cases, the items need to be delivered to a Ritchie Bros. location prior to the auction. To take full advantage of the Ritchie Bros. auction experience, items should ideally be delivered 3 weeks before the auction for global marketing, inspections and buyer preview.

Our IronPlanet, Marketplace-E, and Ritchie List solutions do not require asset transport to a central location. Items are sold from the owner's location, with photos and inspection reports available online.

We have shipping services available to help.

When will my item be on the website?

Typically, your items will be available for potential buyers to search on 48-72 hours after an agreement has been signed. Photos and item descriptions will be updated once the items are delivered to the site.

How is my item being promoted?

Marketing of your item begins 48-72 hours after an agreement has been signed:

  • We compile asset descriptions, picture, and perform inspections - all of which are critical for getting you the best results possible
  • We apply the latest marketing techniques and channels, both online and offline to attract both new and existing buyers
  • We segment and target buyers based on the items consigned, current trends, audience interests and behaviors to reach the largest, deepest buyer audience as possible.

For more information on how to achieve the best price possible, click here.

After You Sell

When do I get paid?

Proceeds are paid approximately 15 business days after the last day of auction on collected proceeds.

How do I get paid?

When you agree to sell with Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, you can choose to be paid by direct deposit into your bank account or to receive a check. For information, visit our payments section.

Services For Selling

What other services do you offer?

  • Insurance - do I need insurance if my item is in your yard?

    Only the legal owner can insure a piece of equipment. As such, all consignors and buyers must purchase on-site property insurance to protect their equipment against damage or loss while it's at a Ritchie Bros. auction site. Learn more about insurance.

  • Shipping - I can't take my item to your yard - can you come pick it up?

    Ritchie Bros. does not provide transportation of assets to yards. You can arrange pick-up and delivery of assets with a shipping provider. Learn more about shipping.

  • Warranties - can I add a warranty to my item so that it can sell for more?

    Warranty eligibility makes your items standout from the rest by increasing the exposure and visibility to potential buyers, as well as highlighting the quality of your item. Learn more about warranties.

  • Refurbishing - my item needs some help, can you paint it? What about repairs?

    At various Ritchie Bros. auction sites, we offer professional refurbishment services such as cleaning, painting, repairs, and more. Our refurbishment services include painting to match your fleet or manufacturer's specs. Learn more about refurbishing. Contact with the site nearest you about the services provided.


  • Appraisal services - can you appraise my item even if I'm not selling? How much does it cost?

    Rouse Appraisals offer accurate appraisals for making informed decisions whether selling, managing or valuing your assets. The appraisal reports are tailored to your specific needs and priced according to the size of the appraisal project. Learn more about appraisals.

    Simply enter your information to get started.

  • Inspections - can you inspect my item so buyers can see its condition? How much does it cost?

    Ritchie Bros. Inspection Services provides thorough, accurate equipment condition inspections and comprehensive reports to give potential buyers confidence in your asset. Our experienced and highly trained team performs 100,000 inspections each year for every industry. Prices vary depending on the number of inspections. Each inspection has a minimum of 35 high-resolution photos, and customizable options to get the information you need. Learn more about inspection.

    Contact Ritchie Bros. Inspection Services or call to speak to an expert: +1.866.316.5973

  • Storage solutions - can I store my item at one of your locations? If so, how long? How much does it cost?

    Ritchie Bros. offers equipment storage at its permanent auction sites and local yards. Speak with staff to discuss storage options. There is no charge for storage when selling your asset(s) in a Ritchie Bros. auction or online marketplace.

    Find a permanent auction site or local yard closest to you to inquire about storage availability. Find a location.