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Bottom dump trailers for sale at upcoming Ritchie Bros. auctions

Find bottom dump trailers at upcoming Ritchie Bros. auctions

Ritchie Bros. is the world's largest auctioneer of equipment and trucks. We always have a large selection of trailers, including bottom dump trailers for sale. Search our current inventory to find bottom dump trailers from all the major manufacturers —  Beall, Decap, Fruehauf, CTS, Load King, Ranco, Allco and many more. View detailed equipment information and photos online. Inspect on-site. Then register and bid in person or online to get the bottom dump trailer you need.

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More trailers are added daily. Check back often. Or better yet,create an account, save your searches and set up email notifications to know when more trailers are added to our inventory.  Each bottom dump trailer will be sold to the highest bidder on auction day — with no minimum bids or reserve prices! Bid with confidence knowing bidders set the prices, not sellers. 

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