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Recently sold items

Bidders set the prices, that means there's no artificial price manipulation, so you can confidently buy at fair market value.

Bidders set the prices, not sellers

Sellers are forbidden by contract from bidding on their own items.

Inspect and test and equipment

Find detailed information on our website or inspect and test equipment at the auction site before you buy.

Strictly unreserved auctions

Every item is sold to the highest bidder on auction day.

Clear title – or your money back

We identify and arrange for the release of any liens or encumbrances on the equipment we sell.

Use an online account for centralized buying and selling resource

Use an online account for centralized buying and selling resource

With an account, you can view your account summary to find quick links to contact your Ritchie Bros. representative or request a bidding limit increase. As you search our inventory, add items that interest you to your Watchlist and set up email notifications to know when an item arrives in the yard or the auction date approaches.

"I can search for equipment, compare items, zoom-in on photos, check auction results, bid, buy and even arrange for shipping all without leaving my office."

Bill Coates - Roc-Star Enterprises Ltd. & Star Contracting Ltd. (Port Alberni, BC)


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