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Find the aircraft you need!

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Before you buy, view detailed information and high-resolution, close-up photos of aircraft online and research aircraft selling prices. Then visit the auction site to inspect and compare items in person. Every Cessna 172 will be sold to the highest bidder on auction day, with no minimum bids and no reserve prices. Bid with confidence in person or online. To find the airplane you need, search upcoming auctions or search aircraft selling soon.

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Whether your company is big or small, Ritchie Bros. can help you sell helicopters, float planes, aircraft and aviation equipment — quickly and easily. Our all-inclusive service means we take care of the entire selling process for you, so you can take care of your business. Ritchie Bros. auctions are an easy, efficient, hassle-free way to sell that gets you the best returns possible. Learn more about selling aircraft at our auctions.

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