Test, inspect and compare the equipment at the site before you buy.

Our auctions are open to the public. Anyone can bid; it's free.

We drive mobile equipment over a ramp so you can see it running while you bid.

We often sell stationary equipment out in the yard. Follow the auctioneer in the sound truck.

At some sites we use the Virtual Ramp to sell stationary items. Stay inside and bid in comfort!

We usually sell smaller items in a Timed Auction. Use the kiosks to place your bids.

Enjoy the convenient services and amenities on auction day. And have fun!

What's an auction like?

Ritchie Bros. auctions are exciting events. Bidding is easy and we’re always there to help you on auction day. Got a question? Just look for someone in orange.

Check the auction calendar for auctions in your area. Here’s how it works:

Before the auction

Auction day

  • Check the auction schedule to find out when and where items will be sold.
  • Go to where you’ll be bidding: the ramp, the yard, the Virtual Ramp, or a Timed Auction kiosk.
  • Take a seat, get comfortable and start bidding!

After the auction

  • Pay for your purchase(s) if you were the highest bidder.
  • We’ll help you arrange transportation and even insurance if you require it.
  • Put your equipment to work right away – knowing it comes with clear title.

And because you’re at a Ritchie Bros. auction for a lot more than just fun and excitement, we provide you with a comfortable place to do business. That’s why our permanent sites offer free wireless internet, heated/air-conditioned auction theatres, comfortable seating, catering and other services so you can enjoy the day—and get back to work faster.

Check the auction calendar – then come to an upcoming auction and see for yourself.

How to Bid at our Auctions

Learn more about bidding in person at Ritchie Bros. auctions in this short video.

Ritchie Bros. Video 1 min 33 sec
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Common Auction Terms

Proxy? Choice? Unreserved? Find the meaning of common auction terms.

What our Customers Say

"I like buying from Ritchie Bros. because they have a very clear, consistent and transparent system. You know what to expect and how the auction is going to be run: it's the same every time."

Bryan Gour - Langley Excavator Parts Exchange (Langley, BC)