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Ritchie Bros. Inspection Services – Over 600,000 Served

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Team of 400+ inspectors ready and waiting to inspect your fleet today Ritchie Bros. inspects tens of thousands of equipment items each month, in preparation for sale in one of its numerous sales solutions, including live/online...

Here’s How We Flex Our Marketing Muscle for You

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Driving Global Demand For Your Assets Through Digital Marketing Channels. When you sell with Ritchie Bros., you benefit from the expertise of one of the industry’s largest, most experienced marketing teams, giving your equipment...

Why more private equipment sellers are switching to Marketplace-E

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Trading risk and effort for ease and security. From advertising effort and costs to dealing with potential buyers to making sure you get paid, selling heavy equipment privately can quickly become a full-time undertaking - and one...

Selling equipment privately – risk and liability included

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Private sale might pay off – or cost you big time. When it’s time to sell equipment, private sale is often the first, or “go to” choice for many people. If all goes well, the selling process can be quick and painless, and the seller...

How to maintain the resale value of your heavy equipment

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Tips to help you get the best price when selling equipment. Most equipment owners plan to sell  heavy equipment before the end of its useful life. But in actuality, most machines are sold when circumstances dictate: at...

Selling equipment? How pre-sale preparation can increase your profit

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Simple things you can do to get the best returns possible. With so much more of the equipment buying process happening online, good pre-sale preparation is more important than ever. With our auctions being conducted 100% online,...

Ritchie Bros. Welcomes Gold Standard of Equipment Data – Rouse Services

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More robust data analytics will help customers better run their businesses. Last month Ritchie Bros. completed its acquisition of Rouse Services , a leading provider of data intelligence and performance benchmarking solutions. This...

Are you missing the mark(eting) when selling equipment privately?

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Your ad costs can add up quickly, and are they reaching the right people? For equipment sellers, private sale is often their logical first choice, and if the right people see what you’re selling, it can yield the returns you’re looking...

Premier events in Houston & Orlando mark big seller opportunities

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Auction season kicks off this month with Houston & Orlando. While January marks a relatively sleepy time of year on the auction schedule, the gears really begin churning in February, when we mark our biggest U.S. event of the year...

Avoiding the pain and pitfalls of private selling

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Tire kickers, no-shows, and financial risk. If you’ve ever sold anything privately – whether it’s a sofa or a car - you’re probably well-familiar with the time, effort and hassle involved. You’re listing it online; maybe posting or...
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