Top 10 antique automobiles sold by Ritchie Bros.

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Top 10 antique automobiles sold by Ritchie Bros.

A look at vintage cars from the 40s sold by Ritchie Bros.

Not every item sold by Ritchie Bros. is work-related. In fact, almost every auction features a sizable segment of automobiles sold to collectors, hobbyists, or just someone looking for a vintage set of wheels.

In our continuing series on antique cars, we've rounded up another selection of these classics, newest to oldest from the 1940s, sold in the past two years at various Ritchie Bros. auctions. Enjoy the ride.

10. 1949 Ford Led Sled Automobile

1949 Ford Led Sled sold at Ritchie Bros. auction

And we're off! Let's start with this 1949 Ford 2-door sedan. It's called a "Led Sled" because it's been modified or "chopped"in the restoration process. The 1949 Ford was a very popular, post-war model that is credited with saving the iconic automobile company and ushering in a new era of streamlined car design.

9. 1949 Nash 600 Coupe Automobile

1949 Nash 600 coupe sold at Ritchie Bros. auction

The Nash 600 2-door coupe is a unique-looking automobile that earned its name because it could go 600 miles (970 km) on one tank of gas. The 1949 model featured a rounded body with enclosed fenders, leading to the nickname "the bathtub."This car sold in El Paso, TX at an auction in June 2016.

8. 1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster Automobile

1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster sold at Ritchie Bros. auction

The Fleetmaster series was introduced by Chevrolet in 1946 and changed only slightly over the next several years. This model was powered by a 215 straight six engine and sold at our Edmonton auction in October 2015. The custom green paint job made it a stand out in the yard.

7. 1948 DeSoto Custom Four Door Car

1948 Desoto custom four door car sold at Ritchie Bros. auction

Coming in at number seven is this pristine 1948 DeSoto custom four-door sold in Saskatchewan in 2015. DeSoto was in fact started by Walter Chrysler and served as a lower-price option prior to Chrysler's purchase of Dodge and Plymouth. This model features "suicide doors,"which is slang for when a car's doors hinge at its rear rather than the front like most cars.

6. 1947 Buick Roadmaster Sedan Automobile

1947 Buick Roadmaster sedan sold at Ritchie Bros. auction

Despite needing a little TLC, this 1947 Buick Roadmaster sold at our Fort Worth, TX auction in July 2016. The Roadmaster was popular for its roomy design and it even made a comeback in the mid-1990s with an updated look.

5. 1946 Jeep Willys CJ - 2A 4x4 2 Passenger Coupe Automobile

1946 Jeep Willys CJ sold at Ritchie Bros. auction

Here's an interesting addition to the list – a vintage 1946 Jeep Willys CJ. The CJ was in production from 1944 all the way to 1986, when it was replaced by the similar-looking Jeep Wrangler. That's quite a run with a significant amount of redesign to the basic vehicle. The CJ stands for Civilian Jeep, as it was primarily used by the military prior to post-war mass production.

4. 1946 Chevrolet Fleetmaster Coupe Automobile

1946 Chevrolet Fleetmaster Coup sold at Ritchie Bros. auction

3. 1946 Chevrolet Automobile

1946 Chevrolet sold at Ritchie Bros. auction

These two 1946 Chevys have a lot common, including custom paint jobs that will stop you in your tracks. The Fleetmaster coupe sold in Chilliwack, BC in July 2016, while the other Chevy sold in Las Vegas just this past March. No surprise there – you can picture this custom aqua blue vehicle, with a V8 engine, catching looks as it cruises the Strip.

2. 1941 Cadillac Series 63 Sedan Automobile

1941 Cadillac Series 63 sedan sold at Ritchie Bros. auction

Arriving around the start of the Second World War, this Cadillac originally carried an off-the-lot sticker price of $1,435! This model – sold at Chilliwack in 2016 – was built with a V8 engine and automatic transmission, which was a new innovation at the time for Cadillac.

1. 1940 Plymouth 2 Door Coupe Automobile

1940 Plymouth 2-door coup sold at Ritchie Bros. auction

By now you're probably wondering what these antique gems – like the above 1940 Plymouth coupe – sold for at our auctions. We're happy to share that info with you, but you'll need to sign in or create a free account first to see those prices.

You will get access to everything sold at Ritchie Bros. auctions in the past two years. And don't forget to check back for upcoming blogs on vintage cars sold from the 50s, 60s, 70s and more.

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