Ritchie records continue to fall as auction season heats up

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Ritchie Bros. auctions break record to the benefit of sellers (and buyers).

So far 2019 has been one for the record books as Ritchie Bros. continues to bring buyers and sellers together in big ways. It all started in Orlando at our massive 6-day auction in February and continued right up until our recent Toronto auction – our largest ever at that location!

This has been a great year so far for sellers looking to unload assets, as auction action has really picked up and consignors reap fair market value from a global buyer base. Here's a quick rundown.

Orlando awesomeness smashes record.

Orlando started the year with a bang. We sold a sea of equipment that stretched over the 220 acres, a staggering 13,350+ assets for a record US$297+ million. The massive selection of equipment attracted more than 15,900 people from 88 countries—setting a new site record—including 11,300+ bidders participating online in real time from around the world.

Equipment for sale at Ritchie Bros.' Orlando auction.

Fort Worth proves its worth and a grand auction in Grande Prairie.

A few weeks later our first auction of the year in Fort Worth, Texas set a new bidder record, attracting close to 7,200 people to participate in its US$56+ million auction. More than 4,800 items from 670+ owners were sold in the two-day event (March 12 – 13).

The year's first auction in Grande Prairie, Alberta, was similarly noteworthy for the Ritchie record books. The three-day event (April 11 – 13) featured more than 2,800 items from 350+ owners, marking the site's largest spring auction ever.

Edmonton brings the world up north.

The Edmonton spring auction is always a massive event and this year was unlike any other. More than 12,300 equipment items and trucks were sold for CA$207+ million (US$154+ million) over five days (April 30 – May 4) for a record 17,600+ bidders!

Equipment was sold for more than 300 owners, including a complete dispersal for Integrity Industries North.

"We have bought and sold with Ritchie Bros. many times over the years. They're selection is unmatched, they're knowledgeable and attract a huge audience," said Greg Wadsworth, Owner of Integrity Industries North."

Equipment for sale at Ritchie Bros.' Edmonton auction.

Toronto breaks its GTV record.

The trend of broken records continued in Toronto, with 3,750+ equipment items and trucks selling over two days for CA$46+ million (US$34+ million). That's the largest auction in the Toronto's site history, in terms of GTV (Gross Transactional Volume).

The May 7 – 8 auction attracted 5,800+ people from 53 countries, including 4,100+ online bidders. International buyers from countries such as Pakistan, Singapore, and the United Kingdom purchased 12 percent of the equipment, proving Ritchie Bros. can sell your equipment to an international audience.

Equipment for sale at Ritchie Bros.' Toronto auction.

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As proven by our recent string of record-breaking auctions, thousands of companies are choosing to sell equipment with Ritchie Bros. —from one item to a complete dispersal. Learn more about selling equipment with Ritchie Bros., or contact us to discuss your options.

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