Ritchie Bros. stars in new TV series "Selling Big"

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Our unreserved public equipment auctions have made appearances in TV shows before, including the Discovery Channel's Gold Rush and the History Channel's Modern Marvels, but this week marks Ritchie Bros.' debut as the star of a new Canadian TV series called "Selling Big"!

Episode 1 premiered on September 4, 2013 and airs Wednesday nights at 10pm ET|PT on the new Cottage Life channel*. The 13-episode series follows our customers, employees and, of course, the equipment and trucks we sell. Viewers will get an exciting behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to put on big auctions and sell big machinery, and they'll meet some larger-than-life customers and the Ritchie Bros. staff who make it all happen.

Filming took place this spring and summer around Western Canada, at our auction sites in Grande Prairie and Edmonton, AB and Chilliwack, BC, as well as off-site auctions in Drayton Valley and Wembley, AB and Winnipeg, MB.

In the second episode, airing September 11 at 10pm ET|PT, the well-recognized fleet of Ritchie Bros. white trucks takes the auction on the road to rural Drayton Valley, Alberta where farmers Len and Vicki Paulson are preparing for retirement. Auctioneers Kevin Tink and Tyler Ruttan take on the hefty task of selling the Paulson’s land, farm equipment and even their jet-ski. The pressure is on as the proceeds of this auction will finance the Paulson’s retirement. Fighting through mud, inclement weather, and high stakes is just another day on the job for this auction team.

So tune in to the new Cottage Life channel and check out the action every week. If you love big auctions and big equipment, we think you'll be a big fan of "Selling Big".

You can also follow all of the action online on the official Selling Big Facebook page and on Twitter.

*Unfortunately at this time, if you live outside Canada, you will not be able to view the show. In Canada, check with your local cable provider to find out where you can find Cottage Life.

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