Replace your fleet spreadsheet with a FREE Inventory Management System from Ritchie Bros.

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Fleet inventory management at its most efficient.

RB Asset Solutions dashboard

Whether you have 10 assets or hundreds, fleet management is so important to the success of a business. You need to keep track of usage, condition, deployment, remarketing, and so much more. Unfortunately, many companies are tracking all this information through individual spreadsheets, which can lead to problems with document sharing and version control. Well, not anymore.

Ritchie Bros. has spent the last couple of years developing an innovative Inventory Management System (IMS) designed to bring asset management and disposition into a new age. With Ritchie Bros. Asset Solutions’ FREE Inventory Management System, you’ll be able to upload your entire fleet, with photos, detailed equipment info, and more into a mobile-friendly dashboard.

Once in the system you will be able to request inspections, appraisals, pricing data, and more. You will also be able to track assets internally and send equipment to a Ritchie Bros. sales channel with the click of a button, with more transparency than ever into the consignment process.

One-hour to a more organized business

RB Asset Solutions equipment items

The Inventory Management System gives you more transparency into the consignment process.

Getting your inventory into the system is quick and easy with a spreadsheet upload feature. Your entire organization will then be able to see your fleet, where assets are deployed, research equipment values, and more.

Ritchie Bros. Asset Solutions will help you manage your fleet more effectively, access Ritchie Bros. services and tools more easily, and sell assets for maximum value to a global buyer base, all with this one powerful tool.

Save time with an annual contract

RB Asset Solutions

The Inventory Management System will help you keep track of your consignments. With the Enterprise Version of RB Asset Solutions you can also set up your own web shop.

To get setup with the RB Asset Solutions’ free Inventory Management System, your salesperson will get you signed up with an annual contract, which will allow you to sell with a click of a button. We are making the selling process more efficient and transparent than ever.

Contact your Ritchie Bros. representative today to learn more and request a demo. Or visit our website to request a demo of the software.

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