Refurbished Item of the Month: June

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Refurbished 1996 Caterpillar IT28F wheel loader

Ritchie Bros. provides state-of-the-art refurbishing services year-round at most auction sites.

We can inspect, repair, clean, and paint your machine to bring it back to a factory look so you can get the most value for your item at auction.

The featured refurbished item this month is this 1996 Caterpillar IT28F wheel loader with quick coupler bucket, air conditioned cab, and auxiliary hydraulics that sold for $32,000.

Summary of the work done:

  • Painted, cleaned, blasted & decaled: $1,725
  • Welding: $260
  • Tires: $1,411.49
  • Wheels: $1,200

Total cost: $4596.49

Find out more about our refurbishing services and facilities.

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