Our cross-border financing makes heavy equipment & truck buying even easier

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U.S. buyers: now’s the time to get your financing in place and head north for equipment

Huge selection of equipment and trucks at Ritchie Bros. Edmonton auction

With the strong the U.S. dollar and a massive selection of equipment selling at our Canadian auctions, it makes sense for U.S. buyers to look north of the border for the gear they need. And to help you save your cash and make the buying process even easier, Ritchie Bros. Financial Services offers convenient, no-hassle cross-border financing.

Cross-border equipment financing that’s better than your bank’s

If you’re a U.S. business and you’re buying at one of our Canadian auctions, paying cash for your equipment is easy. But you might not want your cash flow to take the hit. That’s where financing makes sense.

Unfortunately, getting financing for cross-border equipment purchases through “traditional” channels – your bank or other lenders – is often inconvenient and requires a lot more effort on your part.

Most lending institutions in the U.S. require you to pay for cross-border purchases out of your own pocket. They won’t approve you for financing or release funds to you (i.e. refund you) until your purchase has been released, cleared customs, and is back in the U.S. That process could take days or even weeks.

In short, you’re out of pocket until your bank makes you jump through any number of hoops – and they could still turn you down.

Quick, easy, and no-hassles cross-border financing

Ritchie Bros. Financial Services, on the other hand, is here to make cross-border financing as quick and easy as possible.

We will pre-approve your financing before the auction, and don’t need to know when and where you plan to buy. That means you’re free and clear to buy at any of our auctions – whether it’s in your home state, north of the border, or both. You have the flexibility to buy what you want, when you want, and you don’t have to part with any cash.

When you apply for financing at Ritchie Bros., our process is fast – you can often be approved the same day. And your approval is good for up to 90 days to buy at ANY of our live auctions AND on EquipmentOne.com!

As Chris Quinn, Director of Sales for Ritchie Bros. Financial Services says, “People get approved once, and they can truly go shopping. We’ve approved customers who bought three or four items at our Edmonton auction, three or four in Toronto, a couple in the U.S. – and it was just one approval for all those purchases.”

Dozers and excavators ready to sell at a Ritchie Bros. equipment auction in Canada

Financing that covers more than just equipment.

If you want to lessen impact on your cash flow even further, Ritchie Bros. Financial Services offers financing solutions to cover transportation and other related costs. Plus, you’ll have access to a dedicated account manager to help you through the entire process – from getting your financing in place to getting the equipment back to your yard.

So if you’re a U.S. business in need of equipment and trucks, apply today and take advantage of our cross-border financing to help you get great gear, save your cash, and save you hassle.

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