Orlando Day Four: digging into excavators and more.

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Orlando Day Four: digging into excavators and more.

Orlando 2017 heads into the final stretch.

Ritchie Bros. auctions are a rain or shine business and a forecast calling for showers isn't going to stop the world's biggest industrial auction from doing what it does best – helping customers buy and sell big equipment and trucks. The torrential downpour on Wednesday didn't slow the non-stop parade of gear.

And don't forget: it's not too late to get in on the auction action. Even if you don't live in Orlando you can bid online either through our website or our convenient app.

What's coming on Day Four.

Excavators lined up in Orlando Ritchie Bros.

Excavators, mini excavators, fuel trucks, water trucks, dump trucks, concrete pump trucks, mixer trucks, and more.

Visit rbauction.com/Orlando for a complete list of equipment.

Highlights from Day Three.

It was a soggy one for most of Wednesday, bringing some of the yard action into the virtual ramp area. The sky-reaching cranes were sold virtually indoors and some of them commanded impressive prices. For example, this for 2015 Link-Belt RTC80150 Series II 150 Ton 6x6x6 terrain crane sold for US$950,000 ($1.2million CDN)!

2015 Link-Belt crane sold at Ritchie Bros. in Orlando

Wednesday was also a big day for crawler tractors, with 180+ cruising across the ramp and going to the highest bidder. They might have been rain-soaked, but they all sold to new owners anyway. See for yourself in the picture below.

Crawler tractors going across the ramp in Orlando

Don't see what you're looking for? You can get prices for all the equipment sold in Orlando on our website by signing up for a free account.

What customers are saying in Orlando.

We're out in the yard talking with customers about their experience at Ritchie Bros. and here's what one seller had to say:

"From the initial meeting, you could easily tell (my TM Richard Headden) was a guy who was going to do real well. He had a desire to please and a desire to make some of the things we want to do in consignment work. He stayed in touch, communicated … he really does a great job. I want somebody that is attentive, but not overbearing; someone who understands our needs, but they're not pressing on us every day. And I think Richard Headden does a great job of it." – James King, DeKalb Pipeline Company (Georgia)

customer poses with his territory manager

See us live on Facebook every day

See us live on Facebook every day

Not only are we posting daily blogs during Orlando, we're blasting out photos and videos on all our social channels (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). We're live-streaming on Facebook every day at 12 p.m. Eastern Time. Visit us on Facebook to learn more.

Haven't registered for the auction yet? No worries, there's still time. Equipment will be selling all week long and there's still time to get the equipment and trucks you need. If you're planning on bidding in person you will need to register on site in Orlando, or if you plan to bid online, you can register right now – click here to learn how.

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