June Highlights: Grand Opening Auction in Chehalis, Washington

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Chehalis, Washington Auction Site Grand Opening

Ritchie Bros. held more than 50 unreserved industrial and agricultural auctions in the month of June including the grand opening of a new auction site in Chehalis, Washington.

Grand opening auction in Chehalis, Washington

The new permanent auction site in Chehalis replaces a previous site in Olympia, Washington where Ritchie Bros. auctions had been held since 1979.

The multi-million dollar inaugural Chehalis auction was a complete success with more than 2,300 equipment items and trucks sold and more than 2,700 registered bidders participating from 40 countries.

A charity auction was held the night prior to the auction with close to US$12,000 donated to the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Southwest Washington.

Two-day equipment auctions in Edmonton and Texas

North America auction highlights from June included two huge two-day auctions in Edmonton, Alberta and Houston, Texas.

The Edmonton auction held June 13, and 14 attracted more than 4,500 bidders from over 38 countries, with gross proceeds of CA$50 million. Over 4,100 pieces of heavy equipment and trucks were sold with equipment purchased from as far away as the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, and Thailand.

A similarly large two-day auction was held in Houston, Texas with gross proceeds of US$41 million and more than 3,100 equipment items sold. The unreserved public auction attracted more than 3,000 bidders from 50 countries and all 50 US states. Buyers outside the United States purchased US$8 million of equipment in total.

Two large auctions held in Australia

On the other side of the Pacific, Ritchie Bros. held two successful Australian auctions in Brisbane and Geelong that combined for more than AU$61 million in trucks and heavy equipment.

In total, over 2,600 equipment items including hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, crawler tractors, and more were sold to buyers from as far away as the United States, Japan, Fiji, New Zealand, Singapore, and Ireland.

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