Inside Edge Podcast: Resellers Suite of Services

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Inside Edge Podcast

New episode features a look at resellers tools available through Ritchie Bros. Asset Solutions

Welcome back to our Inside Edge Podcast series where we discuss industry news and market trends using our powerful data tools within Ritchie Bros. Asset Solutions.

In this episode, we’re joined by Ritchie Bros. CMO Matt Ackley and Chuck Roberson, Regional Sales Manager (Central & South Texas), for a discussion about a suite of services through Ritchie Bros. Assets Solutions that can help you sell on the global equipment market.

An in-depth look at the Ritchie Bros. Asset Solutions Inventory Management System

Ready to learn more about RB Asset Solutions?

Ritchie Bros. Asset Solutions brings together a customizable suite of tools and services to help companies better manage, analyze, and sell their assets. This includes an inventory management system, allowing dealers to easily list equipment for sale on their own centralized used equipment web shop, as well as local ones; an inspection app; and multilingual marketing tools. Experience a demo today!

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