How to refine your online search for used heavy equipment

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For larger items, we provide a detailed equipment information report

Whether you bid in person or online at Ritchie Bros. auctions, our website is the best place to start your heavy equipment search. The next step: narrowing your search. The Detailed Equipment Information on most items we sell makes it easy to decide what items should be added to your potential purchase shortlist and what doesn't make the cut.

What is Detailed Equipment Information?

The collection of Detailed Equipment Information begins when an item arrives at one of our auction sites. Most items we sell at our permanent auction sites undergo a visual inspection and functionality testing before they are sold. Both the inspection and testing are carried out by a qualified Ritchie Bros. on-site equipment inspector. The inspector's findings are published on our website as Detailed Equipment Information.

Visual inspection and photos

Equipment inspectors begin their visual inspection by creating a general description of the item, such as attachments that are included with the item (e.g. a bucket or a hitch), the odometer reading, serial number, etc. After this, the inspectors begin to collect more specific information.

The condition of the operator station, engine, undercarriage and accessories, as well as unique features such as booms, beds and front attachments, are either noted or documented with photos by the inspector. Up to 50 high resolution photos of the outside and inside of various sections and compartments can be taken during the inspection.

If you're an out-of-town heavy equipment buyer, the equipment dimensions noted in the Detailed Equipment Information can help you estimate the shipping costs associated with purchasing the item and whether it will fall within your set budget.

Functionality testing

For the next phase of the inspection, the equipment inspector will get into the cab and carry out functionality testing. The inspector will note if the machine starts, whether it can drive forwards, backwards, left and right and, for some machines, if the hydraulics are functional and if the housing rotates.

All information and test results collected are usually published on our website within 24 hours of the equipment item's arrival at the auction site. Equipment buyers use Detailed Equipment Information to give them a good idea of an item's overall condition and operation and to help them refine their used heavy equipment search.

Remember: every item is sold "as is, where is" at Ritchie Bros. auctions. The best inspection is the one you do yourself. You can visit any auction site before the auction to test, inspect and compare items you're interested in.

Are there any elements missing from our Detailed Equipment Information that you would like to see included? Comment and let us know.

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