Five of the world's largest dozers - 2019 edition

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Five of the biggest dirt pushers in existence.

Not all crawlers are created equal. Some might be fine to push around soil in the back yard for a home reno while others are needed to excavate entire swathes of earth to mine for precious metals. At Ritchie Bros. we see all kinds of dozers come through our live auctions and online marketplaces. Let's have a look at five of the world's biggest dozers.

1. ACCO Super Bulldozer

Bellissimo!  The Italian-made ACCO Super Bulldozer claims to be the largest, most massive bulldozer ever made. It measures 40 feet in length and 10 feet in height, with a blade stretching 23 feet wide. Unfortunately, this massive machine never moved an inch of dirt. It was commissioned for earth-moving work in Libya in the 80s, but trade embargoes on that country prevented its shipment. As of 2012, it was reported to be housed in its birthplace of Portogruaro, Italy.

2. Komatsu D575A-3 SD dozer

Massive Komatsu D575A-3 SD bulldozer

While ACCO might have made the biggest dozer out there, Japan's Komatsu holds the title for making the biggest crawler tractor currently in production. The D575A-3 SD (SD stands for Super Dozer) is a heavy construction titan used predominately by surface mine operators in North America and Australia. It weighs 152,600 kilograms (336,400 pounds) and can only be transported in disassembled form. Here's one we sold through Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers.

3. Caterpillar D11 dozer

Caterpillar D11 crawler tractor

A premier piece of yellow iron in the Caterpillar fleet, the D11 was introduced in the mid-80s to replace the D10 with a bigger track and blade, thus increasing capacity and productivity. The D11 has since gone on to become one of the most-used ripping dozers when it comes to moving rock, earth, soil and more.

The D11 is a common sight at Ritchie Bros. auctions and usually turns heads when it hits the ramp. While not built for speed, the D11 is a powerhouse and the closest rival to Komatsu's vaunted D575.

4. John Deere 1050K dozer

John-Deere 1050K crawler dozer

Photo credit: William Walker for Automobile Magazine

John Deere's supremacy in the agricultural equipment market is well known, but the farming equipment giant makes a mean dozer too. The 1050K is a 95,000-lb beast with a dual-path hydrostatic transmission that, according to the manufacturer, allows for pushing through turns without losing material. Check out RitchieSpecs for more info on the John Deere.

5. Liebherr PR 764 Litronic dozer

Liebherr PR 764 crawler tractor

Liebherr, a name synonymous with cranes, designed the hydrostatic PR 764 crawler tractor for heavy duty mining needs.

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