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In Spring 2015, Ritchie Bros. conducted an off-site auction in Nanaimo, B.C.  More than 460 items were sold on auction day, including a large selection of forestry equipment. The auction attracted more than 1,500+ on-site and online bidders from across Canada and the USA, and even as far away as New Zealand.

Watch this video to see how we brought a full-service auction to Nanaimo:

The Nanaimo auction was one of dozens of full-service, professional auctions Ritchie Bros. conducts at temporary locations every year. We conduct regular auctions at 40+ permanent auction sites worldwide, but sometimes it makes the most sense for us to bring the auction to you.

This year we’ve also taken full-service auctions to Casper, Wyoming, where we conducted a massive crane auction; to Lethbridge, Alberta, where we conducted a complete dispersal for a local construction company; and to contractors in New Zealand.

At these auctions Ritchie Bros. provides sellers with everything they need to sell their equipment—and buyers with everything they need to buy, including financing, shipping services and even online bidding.  

Ritchie Bros. has solutions of all kinds to help you sell equipment

In addition to 170+ unreserved auctions held each year at our permanent auction sites, Ritchie Bros. conducts full-service, professional auctions on farms, mine sites, construction sites, and forestry camps around the globe.

If you need to sell equipment that is difficult to move, or is located in a remote region, Ritchie Bros.’ all-inclusive service will help you sell your equipment. Learn more about our off-site auction solutions, or contact us to discuss your selling needs.

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