Construction Industry News Roundup: 2022 Trends To Watch

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Ritchie Bros. construction industry news roundup

News Stories from the Construction Sector

As one of the largest sellers of used heavy equipment, Ritchie Bros. has its finger on the pulse of multiple equipment industries – construction, transportation, and agriculture, just to name a few. Here’s a roundup of recent news from the construction sector.

Top 10 Construction Industry Trends To Watch For In 2022

After a year of significant ups and downs in 2021 for almost every sector – labor shortages, supply issues, commitment to infrastructure spending, to name a few - BigRentz takes a look at the year ahead with 10 must-watch construction industry trends . It’s a must-read to help keep your business competitive.

2022 Engineering and Construction Industry Outlook

In another perspective of the year ahead, Deloitte predicts that 2022 “should be another rewarding—but challenging—year”. Check out their take on five engineering and construction industry trends to watch, including strong industry growth, the effects of supply chain disruption and sourcing challenges, labor acquisition challenges and more. They also include the option to download a more in-depth report.

Ritchie Bros. construction industry news roundup

5 Top Trends in the Construction Industry for 2022

The National Center for Construction Education & Research also published a positive take on the coming year with technological advancement playing a big part in the construction industry’s growth, as well as continued inclusivity for women in the sector, and increased emphasis on sustainability. Read their top construction industry trends for 2022.

Key trends in the construction industry for 2022

Method takes look at both the positive and negative with their 2022 construction industry trends, from the rise of smart, connected cities and new construction materials to more pressure on the bottom line and a declining workforce.

11 Construction Industry Trends for 2022

Technology dominates The American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ 11 Construction Industry Trends for 2022. They look at the advancement and industry adoption of everything from drones and robots to wearable technology to help monitor workers’ wellbeing and the use of AI to help manage business.

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