Consign & deliver equipment early for maximum pre-sale exposure

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Sell equipment and trucks to global buyers with Ritchie Bros.

How to get the most out of our cumulative marketing when selling with Ritchie Bros.

When you sell your equipment with Ritchie Bros., you can be confident it gets the widest exposure possible to potential buyers. Using targeted, strategic marketing plans and multiple advertising vehicles, we don’t just attract more people, we attract the right people – motivated buyers in your industry.

Our pre-auction marketing timeline

Our marketing efforts begin as soon as you consign, and the sooner you consign and deliver equipment to one of our locations before the auction date, the sooner we can apply our world-class marketing to your assets. Here’s a look at our marketing vehicles and how they lead up to an auction.

Sell equipment and trucks to global buyers with Ritchie Bros.

Three key marketing steps

1. Maximize exposure by consigning early

Benefit from planning ahead – the earlier you consign and get your equipment to the yard, the more exposure your equipment will receive.

2. When you consign

We post equipment details on our high-traffic websites, you begin benefitting immediately from our comprehensive auction marketing.

3. When the equipment arrives at our yard

We can conduct any desired refurbishing to add value to your equipment. We collect detailed equipment information & close-up photos to post online. Potential buyers begin inspecting your equipment.

Sell equipment and trucks to global buyers with Ritchie Bros.

The marketing power of photos: more online activity, more demand, better returns

Photography is a critical element of an asset listing. It connects with the audience, inspires interest and influences opinion that directly leads to action – competitive bidding. And the earlier we can list your asset with relevant information and imagery, the more it gains from our pre-auction category and auction marketing, so getting an asset to our yard as early as possible ensures it – and you – will benefit from more eyes on the prize.

Assets with photos available received:

  • 10 times more pageviews
  • 6 times more watchlist activity
  • • Our predictive algorithm also indicates that assets with photos had a 158% greater probability of meeting or exceeding the target selling price!

Sell equipment and trucks to global buyers with Ritchie Bros.

The proof is in the picture –demand for assets with and without photos

Photos make a huge difference in creating buyer demand for assets. Here are some samples of equipment types and the interest generated via our website with and without photos.

Hydraulic Excavators

  • With Photos: averaged 73 pg. views & 21 watchlists
  • Without Photos: averaged 8 pg. views & 3 watchlist

T/A Truck Tractors

  • With Photos: averaged 60 pg. views & 23 watchlists
  • Without Photos: averaged 4 pg. views & 2 watchlist

Wheel Loaders

  • With Photos: averaged 47 pg. views & 6 watchlists
  • Without Photos: averaged 6 pg. views & 2 watchlist

Telescopic Forklifts

  • With Photos: averaged 20 pg. views & 13 watchlists
  • Without Photos: averaged 3 pg. views & 2 watchlist

Get the most from our global marketing

To take full advantage of our global marketing and to increase buyer demand for your assets, we recommend following these guidelines to help your assets get maximum exposure. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Commit to consign 8+ weeks ahead of auction day or choose a date to allow for ample marketing
  • Ensure assets are inspection-ready and delivered as swiftly as possible
  • Expedite and plan any refurbishment work either in-house or by Ritchie Bros.
  • Identify and provide any specific attributes to your Ritchie Bros. representative (ie: unused, Tier 4 compliant etc.)

For more information, talk to your Ritchie Bros. representative


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