Big numbers and big equipment at Edmonton April auction

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Edmonton wraps with $207 million in equipment sold

Last week we conducted our largest Canadian auction of the year, selling CA$207+ million (US$161+ million) of equipment over five days in Edmonton, AB.

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The April 24 – 28 auction attracted more than 14,000+ bidders from 59 countries, and featured equipment from close to 1,300 consignors—which is a new company record for a single auction.

"Our auction in Edmonton last week featured some of the cleanest, low-hour equipment available on the market today, attracting a huge number of global buyers," said Brian Glenn, Senior Vice President, Ritchie Bros.  

Premium low-hour equipment 

There were many highlights among the 9,450 equipment items sold, but one of the standouts were without question two unused 2018 Caterpillar D6T LGP crawler tractors that sold on Thursday. The pristine crawlers sold for a combined CA$1.19 million to a buyer on the internet.

Check out this video we took of the 2018 Cats just minutes after being sold.

Also drawing big crowds and high bids was a wide assortment of oilfield specific bed trucks. These monsters are “fan favourites” due to their size and uniqueness. See for yourself in this video.

Overhead view of equipment at Ritchie Bros. auction yard


Dump trucks hitting the ramp at Ritchie Bros. Edmonton auction


2018 unused Cat crawler tractors at Ritchie Bros. auction yard


 Crawlers in Edmonton auction yard

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