Australia's Bee Jay's Haulage gets optimal results selling with Ritchie Bros.

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Barry Jungfer of Bee Jay’s Haulage

Ritchie reaps big results selling prime movers for Bee Jay’s Haulage

Barry Jungfer was born to be an entrepreneur. Slowly building from one opportunity to another until, he found his niche in the transport industry in the 1980s, founding Bee Jay’s Haulage with his wife, Sue.

Starting by hauling meat to markets and major supermarket chains, Bee Jay’s eventually moved into the grain cartage business. As a family-run operation—with his wife, daughter, son-in-law and brothers all involved—Bee Jay’s today is one of the most well-respected transportation companies in Australia.

‘If I ever sell anything it’s going to be with Ritchie Bros.’

2016 Kenworth T409SAR 6x4 prime mover sold by Ritchie Bros.

In 2019, after 39 years in the business, the Jungfer family has decided to slow down to focus more on family and enjoy some well-deserved rest & relaxation. Barry and his family turned to Ritchie Bros. to help them reduce their fleet.

“I attended my first Ritchie Bros. auction in Brisbane 15 years ago,” said Barry. “Everyone made me feel incredibly welcome, walking me through the whole process—the auction yard, consignment options, how the auction worked, etc. I was impressed. After that I told my wife that if I ever sell anything it’s going to be with Ritchie Bros.”

On April 11, 2019, Bee Jay’s Haulage sold 18 prime movers, 29 trailers, and more at Ritchie Bros.’ auction in Geelong, Australia.

“I’ve been to so many Ritchie Bros. sales over the years,” said Barry. “I’m always chasing some piece of equipment and Ritchie Bros. makes it so easy. There are no games. You know that when you put your hand up and you’re the winning bidder, it’s a done deal. I don’t waste my time with other auctioneers.”

‘No other company could have done what Ritchie Bros. did’

2014 Kenworth T800 Tri/A boom truck sold at Ritchie Bros.

Sales highlights from Bee Jay’s equipment on April 11 in Geelong included a 2016 Kenworth T409SAR 6x4 prime mover, a 2014 Kenworth K200 Aerodyne 6x4 prime mover, and a 2013 Timpte 7.8 M tri-axle b-double lead bottom-dump trailer. All items were sold without minimum bids or reserve prices.

“No other company could have done what Ritchie Bros. did and I’m delighted with the results,” said Barry. “The advertising campaign was superb. I was really chuffed with that. I wasn’t expecting it to be as comprehensive as it was—video, social media, print advertising, the brochure—it was everywhere. My phone wouldn’t stop ringing!”

Barry continued, “Ritchie Bros., in my opinion, and I tell everyone, is the best auctioneer. The staff are professional, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. They are, in a word, fantastic.”

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